Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pre-Made Baby Girl Scrapbook

After seeing some pictures of a pre-made baby girl scrapbooking album that I had made, a friend contacted me and asked if I would make an album for her niece.  DCWV had just released the new Baby Girl stack at Michael's. I had never liked orange, but this album came out beautiful...if I do say so myself.  I just love the orange, pink and green colors in this stack. I wish DCWV would make a mat stack of this 12x12 stack.  I also came across DCWV's Border Strips. I used Cricut's New Arrival Cartridge and Hello Kitty Greetings.  The titles were all done in Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL). I also used many embellishments such as: brads, eyelets, ribbon (tons), crystal accents...and the list goes on and on.  Just a Tip...I always check out the $1 bins at M's, J's, ACM and WalMart. That is where I get most of my embellishments.....I even stake out M's $1.50 bins....Yes, they have raised the prices of the $1 bin. More photos to come.

Sorry I have been MIA....

Happy Tuesday!!  I know I have been MIA for quite a while. My laptop was starting to crash and I just got a new one a few weeks ago. Luckily I had all of my pictures on a USB Stick...thank God!

I just returned home this past Friday after spending 2 weeks with my mom on a roadtrip to Georgia. We went to 2 family reunions, and I have to say that we both had an amazing time with family...many of whom I met for the first time. We stayed with my mother's Aunt Bea. I referred to her home as Aunt Bea's Bed and Breakfast...and Lunch....and Dinner...and Dessert.  I loved meeting my mom's cousins and their families, and I loved seeing how my mother grew up. It was 2 weeks of THE BEST vacation I have ever been on. There are no words to explain just how blessed I am with such a wonderful family. Thank you, Aunt Bea, for making homemade buttermilk biscuits every morning. I was scared to get on the scale when I got home, but it wasn't so bad.

Now that I am HOME, I have set some personal goals for myself, as well as setting up a daily routine. A few months back I came across a website that is going to help me organize, declutter and clean. The website is http://www.flylady.net/  You may want to check it out for yourself.  I will post a few before and after pics once I get started.
I hope everyone is having a great day today  :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre-Made Baby Girl Album DCWV Baby Girl Stack

It took M's a while to get it out on the shelf.  I love the colors in this album.  I don't really care for orange, but this stack is amazing.  I love the green, orange and pink. Here is a look at the album I just finished. Some images were cut with New Arrival Cricut Cartridge and some were cut using SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) Let me know what you think.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year "2011"

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! I got a Flip camera for my birthday, and I hope to "kreate" my first video SOON! For those of you who don't know....my scrap "kave" flooded the day before Thanksgiving, and I am almost up and running again. There is new carpet down, and we added a big comfy couch to the room. I am in the middle of sorting and re-organizing, but I will post pics soon. The 5 kitties just LOVE to go in there and play....probably because I keep the door closed when I am not in there. They get into everything when I am in there which drives me nuts, but they are kittens and that's what kittens do.  :)    I hope everyone had GREAT holidays, and now we can all get on with the New Year!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And the WINNER is....

OK....the November Gift Guide Blog Hop came to an end Tuesday evening, and I said I was going to announce the winner of the Debbie Mum paper stack.  My scraproom flood has set me back a few days, and I apologize.
I am using http://www.random.org/ to generate the winner.  I had a total of 82 comments for all of my posts in the blog hop.  Soooooo.....here goes!
True Random Number Generator
CONGRATULATIONS to ERIN at SpantastiKreations.  Please email me your address so I can get the stack in the mail.
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!! 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you so much, Kerry from mommakcrafts for awarding me the "Stylish Blogger Award".  I sooo appreciate this. Sorry it took me so long to post it and to say thank you, but as most of you know, my scrapcave flooded the day before Thanksgiving. I was and am so thankful because the damage could have been sooo much worse than it was.  It is my FIRST Blog Award. I want to thank everyone who visited my blog during the November Gift Guide Blog Hop hosted by Jill The Scrapoholic. Thank you, Jill, for inviting me to be a part of this awesome hop. Your time is sooo appreciated in organizing this.
As far as the "Stylish Blogger Award" goes, here is what I have been told to do:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.  I thanked Kerry.  :)
2. Share 8 things about yourself
3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards
Share 8 things about myself:
1.  I met my husband on line. (match.com)
2.  We will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary on December 14th...right after our birthdays....the  2nd and the 6th.  Yes, he's a year and 4     days older than me.  :)
3.  We had 3 cats and a Rottweiler when we met, and now we have 5 kittens.
4.  My husband SOOOOO supports my "krafty" hobby, and is often      impressed with some of my "kreations" (he's hard to impress.....must be     because he's been teaching 5th grade for 19 years...and loves it!
5.  I love reality TV shows. World's Strictest Parents is my all-time favorite. (It's on CMT on Friday nights)
        I also love Wife Swap, Hell's Kitchen and Survivor.
6.  I was born in Miami and raised in Hialeah on the weekends and Davie during the week.
7.  I have been a Registered Nurse since 1991 specializing in the Operating             Room and Endoscopy.   :)
8.  I am addicted to paper, and I LOVE to shop for scrapping supplies!  My      mother keeps telling me that there is no way I could ever use all of the paper       I have in my lifetime!  LOL    My scrapcave is also the guestroom when she      visits.  :)

These are 8 blogs that I have recently found and I really like the work that they do.
1.  http://mommakcrafts.blogspot.com/
2.  http://thescrapoholic.blogspot.com/
3.  http://qbeesquest.blogspot.com/
4.  http://ashleynewell.blogspot.com/2010
5.  http://www.creativepapertreasures.com/
6.  http://aimitup.blogspot.com/
7.  http://scraplifters.blogspot.com/
8.  http://monkeydoodlecricut.blogspot.com/

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Altered Journal & Ritz Cracker Apple Pie

Wow!  The flood issue has me thrown off by a few days. I am out of town at my mother's house, and just realized that today is my day to post.  You should be coming from Karlee's Karlee's  blog.
This ladybug journal is something I kreated months ago, but a blast from the past makes a great gift.  I got this journal from the Michael's dollar bin, and altered it.  I removed the wire O-ring and  took the covers off and covered them with patterned paper.  I also added coordinating paper to the inside covers. Then I used my Bind-it-All to punch the holes again so the covers looked nice.  I put the covers back on and used the Bind-it-All again to attach the wire o-ring.  TAH-DAH!  I covered a chipboard letter with matching paper and Crystal Accents and adhered it to the front.  I embellished with a ribbon and the matching pen. The pen came in a box of 36 at Sam's or Office Depot.  I removed the top and put a piece of matching paper inside.  If anyone wants the measurements or just has questions, just email me. I would be more than happy to share.  I will be home tonight so I will have access to that information......it's packed somewhere in a box!   UGH!!!  Darn flood! 
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and didn't eat too much.  Funny thing happened to me last night.  We eat our T-Day dinner on Saturday due to some having to work on Friday.  My mother made 2 apple pies and 2 pecan pies.  I chose to have a piece of apple pie, and I was halfway done with it, and my mother asked me how I liked it.  I told her it was good, but had a tad too much cinnamon in it.  She looked at me and said...."There is not one apple in that pie"  I almost choked.  I would have never known.  She used the Mock apple pie recipe on the back of the Ritz cracker box.  AMAZING!!!!  The pie was delicious!!!  HERE is the recipe.  Enjoy!!!
Tomorrow you will be visiting Alma's blog.  Make sure you leave her some love while you are over there.
I will be announcing the winner of the Debbie Mum paper stack Tuesday evening.  Good luck to all of you, and thank you all so much for taking the time out to participate in this blog hop.  Thanks so much to Jill The Scrapoholic  for hosting.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My ScrapCave is FLOODED

Well, I went into my scrapcave Monday night and the room is flooded!  I may only have to replace a few white cubes as they were on the bottom row.  I also found a stack of Anna Griffin paper that was wet only on the edge. I can still use it for cards.....   The plumber is here now, and the insurance adjuster is on his way. The smell in that room is awful!  There is mold everywhere.  The bed was a wooden frame sitting on a platform and all of that wood is garbage.  Now my scrapping/project supplies are all in the living room...I guess that means I have to go thru everything and PURGE!  I have too much stuff!!  
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone!  I know I have SO much to be thankful for!  Even though my cave is flooded, I know that I am truly BLESSED with my husband, my, friends and my 5 kittens.  I just keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason, and God would not give me more than I can handle.  Enjoy your holiday, and don't forget about the troops fighting for our freedom and protection.   :)